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If you need an occasional breather from technology, yet don’t want to be completely off the grid, smartwatches can be an excellent solution. They give you greater freedom of movement without limiting your connection to the world. With modern smartwatches, you can receive calls and messages, track your health and fitness, and still go about your day freely. Wash dishes, go jogging, hike in the remote forest area, or simply be aware of the changes in your health. However, most high-quality smartwatches tend to be expensive. Not for their technology, but mainly for the brand name.

That is not an issue with Kore. Relatively unknown but made by a reliable fitness company, this device has all the best features of a health and fitness smartwatch without a huge brand name mark-up!

What makes Kore 2.0 so special?

If you’ve been looking for a reliable, technologically advanced, yet still affordable smartwatch then your search is over – Kore 2.0 ticks off all the boxes! It allows you to monitor your health by giving you accurate 24/7 readings of your blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate. It also helps you to track your activity and set your own fitness goals. Smart sleep monitoring will help you improve your sleep, while waterproof technology will keep the device safe while you’re sweating, walking in the rain, or washing dishes. You can also receive call and message notifications, as well as link Kore 2.0 to any iOS or Android smartphone, which would allow you to connect to your existing health and fitness apps. And all of this is for much less than your average high-end smartwatch!

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Kore 2.0 can be purchased in 4 SIMPLE steps:

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